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Michael Dillon

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Creating sculpture for public spaces is Michael’s passion. As an artist/blacksmith living and working in North Georgia, he has more than 25 years’ experience creating both functional and sculptural works of art. Michael builds hand forged stair railings, gates, sculpture and furniture for distinguished homes in the southeast, and abroad. In Michael’s business, Dillon Forge, Inc., Michael personally designs, builds, and installs all of his work. He takes pride in his working relationships, and the quality and integrity of the work he creates. His experiences working with Public Arts Councils have been both successful and rewarding. Michael’s public work is modern, and narrative. He researches each community and tells a story incorporating their past, present and hopes for the future. Throughout a project, he generates concept drawings, scale drawings and sample models to further the understanding of the project for both the artist and the client. Michael has been successful expanding his career into the public art arena, creating large-scale public sculptures in the southeast. Michael has installed public sculpture in Nashville Tn. “Aileron”, Charlotte Tn. “Firebird”, Duluth Ga. “Ascension”, Milton Ga. “Victory” for Bell Memorial Park, and “Idiophone” at the Alpharetta Cultural Art Center. Michael finds joy in the balance of creating both architectural ironwork and distinctive sculptures. His peers have long recognized his work, and he received the acclaimed Phillip Trammel Shutze award for craftsmanship in classical architecture. The scope of architectural work has recently been modern in form and includes work in several notable beach homes on the eastern seaboard as well as the owner suite in the Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium. Building kinetic sculpture challenges Michael to engineer and make the seemingly impossible possible. Heating metal red-hot allows Michael to control this material in its briefly malleable state to create fluid and graceful structures. Using large industrial forging hammers he imparts power and force into the surface of the material. His sculptural work becomes part of its interior or exterior landscape, interacting and reflecting its environment: the light, weather and human activity. The rhythm and form of each piece is constantly changing, inviting and exciting the viewer. Michael believes his sculptures develop a personality through this interaction with the viewer and community. When a person is involved physically with a piece, the sculpture can incorporate their emotions, history and personality. This interaction brings life to the sculpture, and creates an ever-changing dialogue that crosses cultural and socioeconomic boundaries.

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