ArtAround Roswell 2019 Sculpture

Wild Bird by Diana Shepherd

Generously sponsored by: 

Location: Don White Park

Materials:  Cast bronze and powder coated steel
Dimensions: Tail to wing tip 10′. Wing tip to wing tip 10′
Cost:  $17,500

After surviving two hurricanes in Jacksonville FL Wild Bird finds a temporary nest among Roswell’s many parks, hiking paths and wildlife.   The body, beak and talons of this 450 lb bird were cut out of plasticine, turned into molds and ultimately cast in bronze.

Diana Shepherd was born and spent her childhood in California.  When she entered her preteen years she moved with her mother and younger siblings to a rural Alaskan community.  Spending the next 32 years in Alaska, Shepherd developed a love for nature and wildlife. 

During daily hikes with her dogs the artist has been inspired  by an awareness of the relationship between the spirituality of the heavens and the human connection to the earth. For this particular sculpture, the hawk captured the artist’s eye – the simplicity of its power and grace and its breath-taking presence as it glides through the air.

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