ArtAround Roswell 2020 Sculpture

Fish Tender

Jim Collins | Signal Mountain TN

Location: Roswell Mill

Materials:  Bronze and stainless steel
Dimensions: 7.5 ft  x 2.5 ft x 2 ft
Cost:  $10,000

Jim Collins’ Fish Tender is one of his many pieces focusing on perspective and the art’s interaction with its environment. Utilizing a silhouetted figure, Collins invites viewers to inspect the piece and examine it from every angle making the experience a far more interactive process.

Fish Tender is part of a long running series titled “WATCHERS” which has risen to over one hundred sculptures in public and private collections, with the majority in the United States and a few in Ireland. This piece appears abstract on first look, defying a sense of form. The silver and gold of the metal also disguise its figure, like a school of minnows trying to appear as a bigger fish. On closer inspection, a cloud of fish swarms above long, booted legs that seem in mid stride as they traverse the landscape.

Appearing for the third time with the ArtAround sculpture tour, you may remember his style from Hill Climb and Bicycle Built for Two in years past. A community favorite, Jim’s work is always a welcome addition to the Roswell landscape.