ArtAround Roswell 2019 Sculpture

Emergence by Deanna Hoffman

Generously sponsored by: 

Location: City Hall Complex 

Materials:  Steel
Dimensions: 7 ½’ X 3 ½ ‘ X 5’
Cost:  $4,000

The earthy, dark sculpture, Emergence is the artist’s depiction of leafy forms emerging off a rocky platform.  It is a reminder of all the natural world does for us, and reminds us to appreciate and care for it.

The artist loves being surrounded by nature, and it has become her main inspiration.

Deanna Hoffman received her BFA in Art with an emphasis in Sculpture.  She hopes to attend graduate school to improve her artistic skill and continue to create art, igniting a conversation between people with a respect for nature and environment.  Deanna’s dream is to contribute to the earth by triggering a connection with people and nature through her art forms. 

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